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Swimming through the ocean.  I can honestly say that there is no other feeling in the world like it.  The water flowing past my tail and rushing through my webbed fingers is just amazing.  I smile as one of my traveling companions, a whale, swims past me.  Next to the dolphins we hunt with, whales are some of my favorite animals and I always look forward to migrating with them.
I notice that I'm falling behind and quickly swim to catch up, tightening my grip on my spear so I don't lose it.  It's a special spear, one that my brother gave me a few years ago before he disappeared.  The handle is made out of carved bone and has a notch carved in the top.  The notch is a perfect fit for a stingray tail that my brother had taken years ago.  The tail is still nestled in the notch, even after all this time.  It's a perfect tool for defending myself, although I have little use for it right now.  It is rare for anything to attack us during our migration.  With the whales, we are all safe.
Or so we thought.
At first it wasn't that bad.  Just a single loud, low pitch sound.  It hurt my ears and it was a little strange, but for the most part is was easy to ignore.  However, during the silence that followed, I had a nagging feeling that this was the calm before the storm.  The ocean was silent, even the whales had gone quiet.  That's when it started.  Booming sounds rushing through the water and slamming into our bodies.  The invisible force just kept pushing, hitting us with such force that it was suffocating.  I felt like one of those tiny silver fish in the dolphin's bubble nets when we would help them hunt.  Helpless, trapped, doomed.
It was clear that most of the whales wouldn't survive this.  They were already going still, blood flowing from their ears and painting the salty water around them a bright crimson.  I looked to my fellow pod members and saw that their reactions were similar to my own.  Hands covering their ears in a desperate attempt to block out that horrible noise, bodies writhing and agonized screams being torn from their throats.  Of course, there was no way to block out the sound.  It wasn't just attacking our ears, it was attacking our entire bodies.
And then, as suddenly as it had started, it just stopped.  Everything was silent again.  
The last thing I remember before everything went black was watching my spear slip out of my hand and sink down into the deep blue water beneath me.
Here's my latest, based off of a story in Mermaids: The Body Found (you can watch it on Animal Planet, it was pretty good). Yes, the main character is a mermaid. The sound is military weaponry testing. It's a supposed weapon that can kill with deafening sound waves that cause vibrations in the body so strong it can cause blunt force trauma.
Of course, this is all conspiracy theory stuff,so I'm not saying any of it is true n the slightest. It just made a good story is all~
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Perfect. I love it
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I'm really glad you like it ^^
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